What are you doing here?

Penning down my thoughts. On the topics that interest me. The content can be anything that happens to capture my curiosity. Something that I feel will give me a better understanding by writing about it. The posts are supposed to be forever updated with new information including new evidence for or against my initial arguments. The idea is to publish the most amateur piece of writing and gradually improve it overtime to make it readable and hopefully make it into something remotely close to one of my favorite places on the internet. The act of writing a new blog post every week is most likely useful for becoming a better writer but there is something unappealing about churning out word after word without revisiting the topic or revising your initial thoughts. Most of the content on the Internet is visited and read only once and people foolishly expect to learn nothing new from an already read article. And since there’s always new content competing for our interests, the incentive to revisit old posts decreases further. This is dangerous because without allowing our brains an opportunity to update our initial thoughts, we run the risk of only gravitating towards places that confirm to our already held beliefs. I would hope that the posts on this website stay relevant even ten or twenty years from now. The only realistic method to achieve that is to regularly update my beliefs and remove the incorrect ones. Speculation is acceptable if there isn’t enough evidence to increase the probability of alternative hypotheses. But real humility necessitates that we take actions to correct ourselves rather than apathetically accept our fallibility.

Occasionally, I may try my hand at fictional writing. But unlike the usual fiction, it will contain simple one to one conversations. Certain complex concepts can only be communicated properly with the help of a story instead of the dry and academic feel of non-fiction articles. The dialogues will also allow me to add some humor which is especially hard for me while writing non-fiction.

What do you mean “Unwronging Instincts”?

Most of the thoughts that excite me highlight some form of human fallibility. I enjoy pointing them out in myself and others (but mostly in others of course). With these writings, I am gradually trying to unwrong (it really should be a word) my instincts.