A database that consists of smells of all kinds. Everyone has had an experience where they say “this tastes like X” or sometimes fail to recall what the particular smell, smells like. In instances like this, you simply access the smellDB through the mindweb which not only lets you download available smells but also allows uploads of smells. Each smell is just a composition of different gases and converting them in a digital format turned out to be trivial (/s).

Applications include:

  • Dealing with frustrations of not being able to consume expensive food that the brain originally associated the awesome smell with? Now you can get all the similar smells and information of their respective foods which makes it easier to find the cheapest food closest to the original expensive food that you really crave.

  • Trying to lose weight but cannot disassociate awesome smells associated with fast food? smellDB is here to help! Simply stream the smells associated with some of the disgusting foods while consuming fast food. Or just stream fast food smells while consuming a plain salad to provide your brain with right feedback it needs while dieting.